Fully Outsourced
Managed IT Services

Financially responsible management of your IT systems.

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Fully Managed
Cybersecurity Services

  • Best-in-class incident response
  • No long deployment periods
  • Rapid detection and remediation
  • Proactive threat detection
  • Measuring and analysis
  • Improved security visibility and reporting 24/7/365

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Enterprise IT
Services & Management

Cohesion & Emersion with your existing internal IT teams and resources.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Best-in-class incident response
  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • 360° vision into current security trends
  • Detail gap analysis
  • Managed detection & remediation
  • Extensive reporting & measurement

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Corporations Across The U.S. Choose
LaScala IT

LaScala IT’s mission is to enhance the efficiencies and profitability of our clients by utilizing our technical expertise and commitment to service excellence.

Corporate IT Services
Efficient and Profitable
Corporate IT Support Company
Technical Expertise
Corporate Information Technology Support
Service Excellence

LaScala IT Corporate Information Technology Professionals

Information Technology touches every part of an organization. Organizations large and small run the risk of becoming front-page news without proper IT services and cybersecurity solutions. It’s LaScala’s job to help keep your staff out of the news and focused on your organization. 

Simply said “Trust LaScala to take care of every part of your organization’s information technology.”

When you partner with LaScala IT, you get a professional and reliable IT consulting company that’s specialized in customized technology solutions regardless of size or industry.

Every solution is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

We’re Changing The Cybersecurity Landscape

As an industry leader in business cybersecurity solutions, LaScala deploys industry-leading and proven cybersecurity technologies to help organizations detect threats faster, respond faster, predict and prevent cybersecurity threats before they even happen.

Information Technology Services

Managed IT Services

IT Managed

Remote & Onsite Client Support
Visibility to Connected Devices
Proactively Monitor & Resolve Issues
Increase Employee Productivity
Proactively Protect Systems
Executive Level Reporting
Cybersecurity Solutions


Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)
Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion Detection & Remediation
Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Cybersecurity Assessment Services
Penetration Testing Services
Information Technology Consulting

Information Technology Consulting

Collaboration Solutions
Converged & Hyper-converged Solutions
Public & Private Cloud
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Enterprise Mobility
Network Architecture

Why LaScala IT?

The LaScala IT team believes that the only way to effectively develop cybersecurity is through a holistic approach that builds a culture of best practices, in combination with a range of carefully chosen technologies. We don’t limit our scope to the security of your data – your infrastructure, devices (mobile and otherwise) and your staff have to be secure as well. Only with a comprehensive system of technologies and best practices can you achieve a truly confident cybersecurity defense.

What Services Does LaScala IT Offer?

To ensure that every facet of your IT infrastructure is safeguarded, we provide a range of services, including:

  • Managed IT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Solutions
  • And More

Due to the number of services we can provide, we recommend visiting the website to discover more.

What Industries Do You Offer?

Cybercriminals don’t care what industry their victims are, which is why we work with nearly any business. However, we tend to specialize in the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial
  • DoD/Government
  • CMMC Consulting
  • Automotive Industry