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What SHOULD Your Michigan/Ohio IT Company Do?

Responsibilities of Your Michigan/Ohio IT Company

Almost all companies have an IT department that resolves issues that arise, but what else SHOULD they be doing? Surely reactive support isn’t enough nowadays…

In the simplest terms, an IT department manages your information technology. Naturally, this means they reboot systems, install new software, and resolve issues that arise throughout the workday. But as businesses depend on technology more than ever before, reactive support simply isn’t enough. Although they perform crucial tasks associated with implementing and supporting technology, they need to do a lot more behind-the-scenes work than most businesses realize. So what, exactly, should they be doing?

The easy answer? Everything in their power to PREVENT issues from happening in the first place.

You can’t depend on reactive support to keep you operating efficiently in a competitive marketplace. An IT company should be doing everything in their power to PREVENT issues from happening in the first place. Why? Because excessive downtime is expensive and inexcusable – leading to:

  • Wasted payroll dollars
  • Unhappy customers
  • Reputational damage
  • And much more

So what tasks, in particular, will prevent issues from happening in the first place? A proactive approach is critical to keep your technology performing optimally. This means an IT company SHOULD handle the following:

  1. Keeping an eye on your network with remote monitoring software that detects and alerts them of any sort of issues.
  2. Taking care of regular maintenance such as patches, bug fixes, and any other requirements to keep your environment safe.
  3. Outlining a schedule for purchases and/or upgrades that takes into account any upcoming operating system/software/hardware end-of-life dates.
  4. Keeping your data and applications backed up in two ways: offsite in the cloud and onsite with a storage device.
  5. Communicating with you on a regular basis about the status of your network and/or your overall strategic technology plan.
  6. Resolving issues in a timely manner via onsite or remote support as needed to keep you from experiencing unnecessary downtime.
  7. Testing your backups to verify that they work so you’re never left without access to important data and applications in the event of a disaster.
  8. Implementing the right security solutions to ensure a multi-layered approach is used to secure your network against attacks.
  9. Training your staff members on cybersecurity best practices so they know how to respond to sophisticated threats.

Are you confident that your IT company is doing what they should? If not, let’s talk. LaScala IT is the preferred choice when it comes to IT services in Michigan/Ohio. Call (734) 224 – 4915 for more information.

Temperance Road School Building Photo By Monroe News Tom Hawley

LaScala Transforms Temperance Road School Building into Innovative Office Space

LaScala Transforms Temperance Road School Building

LaScala embraces the concept of innovation with our recent purchase of a former school – transforming it into an office to accommodate our continued growth.

Temperance Road School Building Photo By Monroe News Tom Hawley

Photo By Monroe News Tom Hawley

Is there anything more important than innovation in the realm of information technology? Businesses that embrace technological innovation are able to better exchange information, make informed decisions, and ultimately, better serve their customers. LaScala has always embraced innovation – helping our clients leverage digital technologies to achieve their organizational objectives. Now, we’re taking innovation to the next level with our recent purchase of a former school with plans to transform it into an office to accommodate our continued growth.

What Attracted LaScala to the Temperance Road School Building?

Temperance Road Elementary School is roughly 48,000-square-feet – giving us enough space to accommodate our current and future employees. As a growing technology services provider, we’ve outgrown our old building – a 1,454-square-foot location that was running low on parking space for our personnel. On June 6, 2019, the board of education approved the sale, which in turn, enabled the district to incorporate the sale price back into their annual budget as they’re no longer required to maintain the building and grounds.

The sale is truly a win-win situation that saves the district approximately $40,000 to $60,000 annually in costs associated with owning the school. LaScala and Bedford School District worked with Bedford Township officials to rezone the property. Gregory LaScala, President and CEO, mentioned his plans to make sure the purchase doesn’t impact those in the community. He explained, “we’re going to do it right. We’ll be conscious of the neighbors. It’s going to be a professional setting and the traffic will be far less than what was there when it was a school.

Supt. Dr. Carl Shultz expressed his thoughts on the former school sale, “the key for the district was we wanted to make sure we found something that matched the community and not take away from the community but add value for the neighbors. It’s great news for us! For me, I think it’s a win-win.”

What Does LaScala Have Planned for the Temperance Road School Building?

LaScala is currently preparing to move into a semi-renovated 6,000-square-foot space of the building to start. Keith Kohler from Kohler Architecture will serve as the architect for the project with plans to find a general contractor as soon as possible. Although nothing is set in stone, we have many ideas for the building and the vision is beginning to unfold.

Gregory LaScala explained, “conceptually, we’d like the building to promote innovation and collaboration with an open feel, a lot of natural light, and having a few offices and conference rooms strategically placed. We’re also kicking around ideas, such as having a cybersecurity training center, a cyber range, a workout facility, a datacenter, using the existing basketball gym, an outside work area, a cafe, a virtual reality room, and a game room with a pool table, ping pong, etc.”

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