Compliance Management Services

The margin for error in business is razor-thin when it comes to compliance and data security. Especially in light of the many compliance systems — FINRA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST and more — it’s more important than ever that you confidently manage your compliance practices.

The fact is that as technology changes so do the industry and the regulations that govern it. Whether you have to stay compliant with PCI, HIPAA, or another set of strict regulations, you need the right technology and support to keep up with changing regulations.

LaScala IT can help.

A 3-Tiered Approach To Compliance

1. Compliance Assessment & Strategy
Our compliance services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your IT systems, the findings of which are compared with compliance cybersecurity controls. Our team will then develop a strategy to mitigate any risks of noncompliance, providing detailed documentation that you can demonstrate your commitment to compliance.

2. Remediation
Once the assessment is complete and the strategy has been developed, our team gets to work implementing any necessary changes in order to bring you to a state of confident compliance. No matter what aspect of your cybersecurity is lacking, we will match it with a tested and proven solution to make sure it doesn’t put you at risk any longer.

3. Compliance Management
Compliance is not a one-time effort. Ongoing compliance requires ongoing management, monitoring your systems for any potential cybersecurity instances, and reporting to the appropriate parties. As your IT systems age, and compliance requirements are updated, our team will make sure you stay compliant, applying necessary changes as need be.

In-House Audits

Contracting with Third-Party Experts to Conduct Independent Audits

Review Security Protocols and Methods

Compiling Data for the Purpose of Internal Reporting

Reviewing Results to Determine Critical Compliance and Next Steps

Developing Improved Compliance Management Policies

Don’t put your compliance at risk – LaScala IT’s team of compliance experts are available to manage it for you.

Work With A Compliance Management Consultant

To Mitigate Business Risk

It’s not uncommon for professionals to focus almost exclusively on meeting tangible regulations. But connecting to the internet and sharing information electronically opens every organization to risk. It’s in your best interest to have a compliance management and risk assessment completed by an independent third-party.

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