Cybersecurity Assessments
Is Your Business At Risk?

Businesses have never bene more threatened by cybercriminals. Thorough cybersecurity assessments can close vulnerabilities and mitigate your company’s risk.

Has Your Business Completed Vital Cybersecurity Assessments?

Businesses have never bene more threatened by cybercriminals. Thorough cybersecurity assessments can close vulnerabilities and mitigate your company’s risk.

As a business decision-maker, consider for a moment the fallout and profit loss that would occur if you lost complete operational control of your technology. If you are trying to picture that in your mind, it’s safe to say it looks like financial Armageddon.

For many small and mid-sized outfits, the inability to complete online tasks, access files, or make simple electronic communications happens to organizations with cybersecurity gaps. The world is rife with nefarious hackers that can penetrate vulnerable systems from halfway around the world. These cybercriminals spend their time methodically searching for companies with sub-standard cyber defenses and pluck them like low-hanging fruit.

The only way to know, with certainty, that you are adequately insulated from being hacked is to work with a third-party IT specialist to conduct routine cybersecurity assessments. These are critical cybersecurity assessments necessary to determine whether your business is at risk.

The Value of a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Enlisting a professional IT managed services provider to conduct a risk and vulnerability audit provides detailed information about ways your organization could be upended by a cyber attack. In many ways, the process simulates common and heightened methods a cybercriminal might deploy to penetrate a company’s network. Strategies used to determine vulnerabilities may include the following:

Targeted Network Penetration Testing

Server and E-File Storage Reviews

Detection and Response Capabilities

The point of a thorough risk and vulnerability assessment is to determine ways an individual might seek to exploit a network’s weaknesses. A final report detailing vulnerabilities and the inherent risks they present can be used as a roadmap to improved cybersecurity.

Remote Penetration Testing Mirrors A Cyber Attack

When a hacker puts your organization in the crosshair, that individual is conducting a criminal activity from a safe, remote location. One of the pervasive problems of cyber intrusions is the origin may be in another state or country. The possibility of bringing them to justice can be like playing the lottery, and they are well-aware of that fact. That’s why it’s in every business’s best interest to complete a remote penetration assessment that simulates a cyber attack. Standard methods used by hackers include the following:

  • Phishing Schemes that Target Employees
  • Attempts to Embed Malware or Ransomware
  • Username and Password Vulnerabilities
  • Inadequate Cybersecurity Protocols During Mobile Access
  • External Web Testing
  • Cyber Attack Simulations in Real-Time

The final report your organization receives highlights technical and employee training weaknesses. It then provides executive-level recommendations for necessary corrective measures.

Why Cybersecurity Assessments Surveys of Infrastructure are Necessary

The keys to successful cybersecurity defenses are not just a matter of having the latest protective software or having an in-house designee run virus scans. Today’s companies require determined security preparedness in the event of an incursion. Your cybersecurity management, response capability, and external dependencies all play a critical role in your ability to maintain control over vital systems.

Infrastructure surveys are essential to an IT expert garnering a wealth of knowledge about a company’s complete technology landscape. Your internal hardware, software, and methods must be evaluated against external technology dependencies, among others. Cybercriminals don’t always use the front door to penetrate a network. That’s why IT experts check the lock on every window and door and make certain no one can break-in.

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