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Small and mid-sized organizations are increasingly exposed to online threats. It’s imperative to get the cybersecurity solutions needed to sleep soundly.

8 Cybersecurity Solutions That Deliver Enhanced Protections

Contrary to popular belief, small and mid-sized organizations remain a primary target for cybercriminals.

According to recent data breach reports, upwards of 43 percent of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses alone. Of the reported breaches, nearly 70 percent were from outsiders who employed hacking techniques, social media leverage, ransomware, and malware, among others.

The point is that cybercriminals do not necessarily invest their time looking to make a big score hacking a major corporation. They are more inclined to take the path of least resistance, and that leads them to small and mid-sized businesses. At LaScala IT Solutions, we work closely with members of the business community to provide secure cybersecurity solutions. These are eight ways we can keep your operation running and valuable data safe.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Our team of cybersecurity solutions experts will diligently conduct a risk assessment of all your desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and technology infrastructure to find the potential vulnerabilities a hacker might exploit. We deliver a boardroom level report for decision-makers and key stakeholders to review and determine the next steps.

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Cyber Operations Center

In a world in which a nefarious hacker can infiltrate your system and pilfer valuable data from halfway around the globe, cybersecurity remains mission-critical. We create a cyber operations center that becomes the focal point for monitoring threats, cyber intrusions, and critical response. The primary benefits organizations enjoy are early detection and swift response.

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Managed IT Security

As an experienced third-party cybersecurity expert, we provide 24-7 monitoring and response. By outsourcing your managed IT security, organizations gain constant management that might not otherwise fit into your budget.

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Penetration Testing

Also called ”pen testing” in the cybersecurity industry, this valuable process involves cyberattack simulations in order to determine your network’s vulnerabilities. By identifying your organization’s weakness, we can determine where to shore up your cyber-defenses.

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Compliance Management

Never before have organizations been faced with such strict regulatory oversight and shifting government policies. Part of operating a business in this climate is meeting rising cybersecurity expectations. As an independent cybersecurity contractor with experience meeting compliance standards, we are fully prepared to enhance your cybersecurity and meet regulatory guidelines. The alternative can be high fines and penalties.

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Firewall Management

This standard defense shields your network from predominately low-level hackers. While it’s a vital aspect in your overall cybersecurity portfolio, our professional firewall management team can upgrade this basic defense to become a robust data management component. Few outfits are getting the full benefits of their firewall.

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Endpoint Protection

The increased use of mobile communication devices, or “endpoints,” has done wonders for small and mid-sized companies’ bottom lines. Real-time access and file-sharing allow employees to conduct profit-driving tasks efficiently. But these endpoints now rank among the most vulnerable devices for hackers to leverage. We test, evaluate, report, monitor and secure your endpoints against breaches.

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Cybersecurity Training

At the end of the day, cybercriminals often target unsuspecting employees who lack training and threat recognition. The use of electronic scams to get usernames, passwords, or to get a staff member to click a malicious link is elaborate and convincing. By bringing your team up to speed and making cybersecurity a priority, your organization will be inherently more secure.

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Delivering Secure Cybersecurity Solutions That Make A Difference

If your organization has not adequately addressed any of the above cybersecurity issues, it’s important to get a thorough review completed.

Contact LaScala IT and schedule a consultation today. Your operational success may depend on it.

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