Cybersecurity Training

Hackers often target unsuspecting team members. That’s why routine cybersecurity training is needed to educate employees about new and sophisticated threats.

Does Your Team Need Updated Cybersecurity Training?

The idea that hackers infiltrate corporate computer networks by directly penetrating a computer network is something of a misconception.

Cybercriminals often leverage some type of insider-information or employ trickery to gain access to critical data. In many respects, today’s hacker is nothing more than a flimflam artist who gains an employee’s confidence through electronic means and takes control of your company.

Malicious hackers have crafted increasingly sophisticated methods to make workers believe they should log-in to via links sent by seemingly legitimate sources. And the most sophisticated cyber-thieves even employ schemes that involve multiple communications to lull unsuspecting people into making a misstep. That’s why cybersecurity training remains the first line of defense in maintaining operational control over your network.

What Does Cybersecurity Training Involve?

Successful cybersecurity training begins with business leaders recognizing that even the most vigilant team member can fall for an elaborate ruse. Hackers siphon off billions each year by taking advantage of human nature and finding a company’s weakest link. That being said, ongoing cybersecurity training enhances awareness that a cyberattack can strike without warning, and each valuable team member has a protective role to play.

In many ways, ongoing cybersecurity training is a repetitive process of reinforcing specific methods used to manipulate an employee into giving away their username and password. That critical information allows the cybercriminal to access the network just like any staff member and do their dirty work. Common strategies include locking key stakeholders out and demanding payment to release your network. Other strategies simply bait a worker to click on a link that automatically downloads an application. It’s stunning how quickly the hacker can seize control over your operations. These are common updates that regularly scheduled cybersecurity training sessions provide.

Spam Schemes

This scam is no longer limited to email. Hackers have branched out to social media “invite” links, text messaging, and others.

Phishing Scams

Cybercriminals cast a wide net at employees via email that appears legitimate. Once a link has been clicked, hackers can penetrate your network.

Spear Phishing

This more defined approach to phishing schemes targets specific individuals. The hacker may utilize some personal information about an individual to gain their confidence.

Malware Attacks

When malicious software infiltrates a system, it can cripple your organization. Hackers may coerce payment from your business in exchange for a cure.


When an employee opens a link they believe is sent from a coworker or supervisor, it may contain software that helps the hacker gain control over your network and sensitive data. Cybercriminals may coerce you to pay to get your files back. Or worse, they may sell the material on the dark web.

If your team has not received recent cybersecurity training, it’s essential they are updated on the latest schemes cybercriminals are using. Without regular updates, employees are more likely to get ensnared by an elaborate electronic confidence scam.

Schedule Cybersecurity Training And Educate Your Employees About Threats

The rising level of cyberattacks proves that hackers have become more creative about ways to gain employee confidence and penetrate systems. It’s the responsibility of industry decision-makers to protect your company by educating all workers about potential cyber threats. If your valuable team members need updated cybersecurity training, contact LaScala IT Solutions today.