DoD & Government IT Services

Government contractors and agencies struggle with budgets and expertise. Hiring an independent DoD/Government IT services expert is the best possible solution.

Delivering All Levels of Determined Government IT Services

As a leading technology solutions company, LaScala IT delivers multifaceted results for private and public sector organizations.

Our team of experienced professionals provides managed IT services to a wide range of operations with equal determination. Our cybersecurity strengths and forward-thinking consulting expertise continue to be reliable assets in DoD/Government IT services. These are the sustained benefits we bring to the table each and every day.

Managed DoD/Government IT Services Gives Contractors a Competitive Edge

Government contracts can be quite lucrative for small and mid-sized companies. But requirements regarding top-tier compliance and cybersecurity can present a significant challenge to outfits with small or non-existent IT departments. This reality tends to give large corporations a significant advantage in terms of meeting stringent governmental guidelines and making a competitive bid. Outsourcing your IT services to an experienced DoD/Government IT services firm can help you level the playing field.

Rather than enter the bidding process facing an uphill battle, your small or mid-sized organization can demonstrate the ability to provide the high-level security and compliance requirements necessary. The one critical difference is that you will have these assets on hand in a more cost-effective fashion than larger outfits. In essence, you enjoy a competitive advantage over corporations paying top-dollar for in-house IT departments.

Secure, Cost-Effective IT Services for Government

Local, state, and federal government bodies face increased challenges surrounding IT services. Budgetary constraints place restrictions on hiring in-house tech support due to the high cost of salaries and benefits. Even government agencies that have the bandwidth to hire discover that utilizing third-party providers ensures cutting-edge expertise and cybersecurity.

These are ways that outsourcing provides benefits to all levels of government.


Strategic IT Consulting Services

Cost-Effective Professionalism

Risk Assessment and Penetration Testing

24-7 Cybersecurity Protection

Staff Cybersecurity Training



Compliance Monitoring and Management

It’s in every local, state, and federal governmental agency’s interest to have the best possible managed IT services. That means working with a determined team of experts who make it their business to stay on top of potential cyberattack threats, emerging technologies, and provide the strategic next steps necessary to effectively govern.

Work with an Experienced DoD/Government IT Services Expert You Can Trust

Private-sector contractors and government bodies have intimately similar technical support needs. Tight budgets call for cost-effective managed IT services and outsourcing continues to rank as the best possible option. That being said, the stringent and changing regulations both private and public sector organizations must adhere to create a unique challenge.

At LaScala IT Solutions, we provide managed IT services that deliver secure benefits you can trust. Contact one of our customer service professionals and schedule consultation today.

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