Encrypted Email & File Sharing For CMMC Compliance

Discover what you need to know about encrypted email and file sharing to meet CMMC compliance.

Encrypted Email & file sharing for CMMC compliance

Data breaches are a prevalent issue that is affecting many businesses across the universe. However, have you ever thought about why cybersecurity threats continue to rise, despite the increased advancement in technology? For instance, in the year 2018, at least 30,000 military and civilian contractors were affected by security breaches.

Perhaps, most business owners are not keen to observe a holistic approach in mitigating IT security issues. Encrypted emails and files are among the most effective ways to protect your business information.

Encrypted Email & File Sharing for CMMC Compliance

Encrypted Email and File Sharing

If your business has suffered cyber-attacks before, then you must be familiar with the pain of losing crucial data. Yes, email and file-sharing remain vital to companies, but they can be an open door for hackers if proper security measures are not observed. Although emails are essential communication elements in companies, they remain prone to cyber threats, and unencrypted emails are even more vulnerable.

More cases of email cybersecurity are being reported every day. For instance, Google reports that 40-50% of emails are prone to cyber-attacks. The fact that more than 38 trillion emails are shared across the world yearly is an alarming security concern.

What Makes Unencrypted Email and File Sharing More Vulnerable to Attacks?

Some experts argue that insecure emails are exposed to cyber-attacks from the sender to the receiver. Besides, information remains invisible to the senders after the email service providers release messages to other service providers. This provides an opportunity for compromised emails.
Besides, even when the email is encrypted, the mail service provider does not protect data received on servers, thus, maximizing the vulnerability of emails for data hackers. Therefore, to prevent data breaches, companies must ensure adequate security procedures across networks.

Consequently, the businesses must be compliant with Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). However, before you think about encrypted email & file sharing for CMMC compliance, it is imperative to comprehend the fundamentals of CMMC, and the levels of CMMC.

CMMC Compliance: What Is It?

CMMC compliance provides that all Department of Defense (DoDs) suppliers must have adequate cybersecurity procedures in all their network systems. Therefore, all audits must pass through the hands of certified auditors to verify that all CMMC procedures have been met. Still, it is imperative to note that CMMC involves five vital levels that include different processes. These levels are discussed below.

Level One

The first step in encrypted email & file sharing for CMMC compliance is the observation of fundamental cyber hygiene measures. Particularly, this involves the use of antivirus software and training employees about underlying cybersecurity issues. The training involves secured use of passwords as well as other authentication processes. This level concentrates on securing Federal Contract Information (FCI), and every DoD supplier must comply with this level’s requirements.

Level Two

At the second level, the CMMC requirements indeed become a necessity. It provides that businesses must document specific practices to secure Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Therefore, an organization must meet the following:

  • Train employees about CUI
  • System protection
  • Conduct audit and liability of CUI
  • Incident response and security assessment
  • Media protection
  • Control data and CUI accessibility

Level Three

CMMC level three requires companies to meet 47 security controls. However, to obtain accreditation, the business must document all the security protocols they have observed. Still, your organization must go through a CMMC evaluation before passing this level.

Level Four

This is another critical level of CMMC compliance that requires companies to remain proactive in identifying, measuring and conquering threats. The audit procedures include evaluating the history of the business, the threats experienced, and the response of the business to the threats.
Generally, level four is the minimum CMMC level for CUI prime contractors. The good news is that this level enables companies to handle threats established by sponsored hackers from legal authorities.

Level Five

Level five of CMMC defines advanced organizations in cybersecurity. To achieve level five’s CMMC compliance, you need more 30 security controls in place than in the case of level four. This relates to the organization’s ability to react to the ever-changing cyber threat landscapes. Particularly, this is achieved through managerial and auditing procedures instead of additional technical requirements.

Why Managed IT Services Could Be Helpful

Lack of proper skills and resources to meet the CMMC requirements should not be a significant concern. Instead of agonizing over the overwhelming process, an effective solution to address the CMMC cybersecurity compliance is outsourcing managed IT services.

Reliable IT service companies have the relevant knowledge that meets encrypted email & file sharing for CMMC compliance. Additionally, they possess the proper tools to effectively monitor security performances, resolve security problems, and deliver detailed reports.

What Next?

It is clear that encrypting your business emails and files makes you CMMC compliant and comes in handy with other organizational security benefits. Encryption enables your business to prevent leakage of trade secrets and protect crucial business information from marauding hackers.

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