Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions Delivers Businesses Comprehensive Protection

Enterprise Cybersecurity is designed to outpace sometimes sophisticated hacker schemes. This is what industry professionals need to know about the strategy.  

Enterprise Cybersecurity Puts Businesses Ahead Of The Cybercrime Curve

Enterprise Cybersecurity is designed to outpace sometimes sophisticated hacker schemes. This is what industry professionals need to know about the strategy.  

Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

Every day people are subjected to a barrage of crisis media headlines that generally accomplishes one of two things. Some of us grow increasingly worried about the next emerging threat. Others simply tune out and find it challenging to take excited posts or click-bait media headlines seriously. That same scenario could hold when technology experts talk about the need for advanced cybersecurity defenses.

The inherent problem with being inundated with negative messaging is that it’s challenging to determine which to trouble yourself about. When you read posts about why Enterprise Cybersecurity solutions are essential, this isn’t the fake news.

For every innovation managed IT cybersecurity experts develop, a hacker is developing a new scheme to breach a business system and steal or ransom valuable data. But don’t just buy into the hype, consider the findings in the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

  • Approximately 58 percent of all cyberattacks target companies with less than 250 employees
  • An estimated 52 percent of breaches include hacking as a methodology
  • About 33 percent utilized Social cyberattacks
  • Upwards of 28 percent leverage some form of Malware
  • At least 71 percent of all hacks were financially motivated

Given the estimated global cost of cybercrime will top $6 trillion by the end of 2021, business leaders would be well served not to dismiss the efforts of digital bandits as click-bait hyperbole. It’s also in decision-makers’ best interest to take a long look at innovations such as Enterprise Cybersecurity to stay ahead of the criminal curve.

What Separates Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions From Other Strategies?

It’s essential to keep in mind that the scurrilous individuals who carry out cybercrimes are not street thugs. They do not hold your business up with a pistol in an alley. Many are highly educated technology experts with a moral compass pointing in the wrong direction. But the bottom line is that they are smart, methodical, and often consider it a welcome challenge to beat the latest cybersecurity defenses of business networks.

Enterprise cybersecurity represents the next generation of cyber hygiene. It takes into account the complexities of industry connectivity, profit-driving tasks, on-site data protection, and information housed in the Cloud. Today’s hackers look at basic anti-virus software and firewalls as the low-hanging fruit. Make no mistake about it. Cybercriminals are in it for the money far more than the challenge.

That being said, enterprise cybersecurity solutions safeguards information so that it can seamlessly flow across wireless networks to endpoint devices and provides Cloud-housed data rigorous protections. Whereas many small and mid-sized outfits have differing strategies for in-house protections and that of the Cloud, enterprise cybersecurity takes a holistic approach to an operation’s total data flow. Given that businesses are including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, there’s a good reason why hackers are tailoring their schemes to focus on employee device carelessness.

How Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions Provide Improved Defenses

As a cyber-defense strategy, the enterprise method starts with industry leaders completing five standard tasks to lay the groundwork for a plan. Once these are completed, your outfit will be ready to consolidate a sometimes loosely-knit initiative into a powerful defense system.

  • Set Boundaries: Place restrictions at the virtual and in-house data levels concerning transfers, downloads, privacy protocols, and methodologies. Companies without hard boundaries open the door to increased employee carelessness and getting hacked.
  • Software Considerations: Each type of software should have a clearly defined usage and purpose within your business network. Extraneous software may be prone to Malware and other vulnerabilities.
  • Asset Management: It’s crucial to sharpen cybersecurity protocols around endpoint devices and in-house networks alike. Enterprise cybersecurity strategies call for a stringent inspection and the elimination of vulnerabilities.
  • Remediation: In the event, your organization has been compromised, it will be necessary to secure data and begin rehabilitative efforts. The number of businesses with compromised systems is staggering.
  • Set New Access Privileges: Conduct a thorough assessment of the permissions and privileges employees, and critical stakeholders enjoy concerning local and Cloud data access. By limiting these to the lowest number possible, you reduce the percentage of risk that a cybercriminal can siphon off your valuable data.

Once these steps have been completed under the supervision of a managed IT cybersecurity expert, your organization can begin to consolidate its cybersecurity strategies into a single actionable defense system. Enterprise cybersecurity solutions, by their very nature, focus many defenses into one that dramatically improves your chances of deterring a hacker.

Greg LaScala