Enterprise IT Support

LaScala IT provides enterprise IT support and IT services for corporations across the United States. Learn how we can help your corporation now.

How Enterprise IT Support Delivers a Competitive Edge

With businesses mushrooming every day and a continuous rise in challenges hitting the running of business operations, Enterprise IT support has become an indispensable component for stimulating focus on proactive administration to increase efficiency and profitability.

Enterprise IT management is developed in response to the growing need for organizations to maximize and gain more value from their investments in IT resources and infrastructure.

Enterprise IT Support

How Does Enterprise IT Support Deliver a Competitive Advantage to Your Business?

  1. Computer Systems (IT infrastructure) Management: Computers are significantly involved in running corporations in this time and era. Most operations, like the recording of daily activities, communicating with prospects, and invoice filings, are computer-automated. Imagine glitches and break down of your enterprise’s computer system; this will cost you not only service charges and heavy equipment loss but also peremptory downtime, which might translate to massive business loss. Working with an experienced and dedicated IT support firm like LaScala IT, you are eliminating the uncertainty and outcome of possible setbacks. You are guaranteed of maximum efficiency.
  2. Security Utility: The fact that cyberattacks have seen an astronomical upswing in the recent past is a clear indication of how important it is to invest in cybersecurity now more than ever. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the damage linked to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 million annually by 2021. Another report by CSO records a whopping 63% of firms in the US confirming potential compromise of their data in the first half of 2020. Phishing attacks cost an average of $17,700 to mitigate. Such attacks can viciously incapacitate IT setups, access, and steal or corrupt critical company data. Any firm, whether big or small, is a target and is at risk of encountering a cyberattack. Partnering with a reputable enterprise, an IT support firm will increase awareness and cybersecurity endurance. With a skilled and well-versed team in IT security technology, you are assured of safety.
  3. Professional Expertise:  Enterprise IT support firms warrant topnotch expertise and will labor to deliver to the optimum to safeguard their reputations With 19 years of service and a combined experience of over 200 years, LaScala IT has garnered expertise chalked up to their knowledge throughout the years in running several enterprises. This experience comes with an understanding of the actual dynamics of IT related work and execution, and the skills to make projections for planning and circumvention of probable IT threats. Your employees are also provided with technical expertise, and training on IT infrastructure without having to pay for extra costs.
  4. Operating Budget:  Improving business value and minimizing the operating cost translates to higher profits, putting you ahead of your competitors. Every organization should prioritize looking for ways to reduce their operating budget without compromising the quality of services they render. An IT support firm with experience brings efficiency to the table, which results in a reduction in OPEX. Automation of most processes cuts the cost of direct labor. Low operation cost does not mean jeopardizing quality. While investing in its infrastructure is great for an organization, it has proved to be a liability due to the high cost of purchasing and maintaining them. An Enterprise IT support firm eliminates the need for infrastructure investments and accompanying repair costs.

Enterprise IT Support By LaScala IT

LaScala IT is a reputable provider of outsourced professional IT support for corporate America. Organizations rely on LaScala IT for their day-to-day IT service needs, cybersecurity, and compliance requirements. It is keen to enhance the efficiency and profitability of its clients steadfastly.

Why Partner With LaScala IT

  1. The firm has been in existence for 19 years providing practical technology solutions in the USA and across the globe. It has an experienced team of engineers, advisors, and customer service personnel, who take time to learn about your business and its policies before embarking on any IT solution program.
  2. LaScala IT prioritizes economic prosperity and transforming your business through IT managed services and solutions. It is a proven strategic partner, invested in your success. Having steered IT projects for various companies, LaScala IT will help your business upscale seamlessly whenever necessary.
  3. LaScala IT is the region’s top cybersecurity company giving you access to certified engineers who are very proactive in mitigating any cybersecurity threat and mishaps that could cost your organization money.

Enterprise IT Support Services Offered by LaScala IT

  • Cybersecurity: LaScala IT services not only hastily respond to data breaches but also proactively prepare your network for the possible occurrence of such cases. Through assessment of your systems and web, they identify weak points and opine recommendations for solutions to make your cybersecurity stronger.
  • IT Training: Your in-house employees have access to experts who will help train and inform them of ways to protect themselves and your company’s assets. Cloud support and development Cloud computing are rapidly revolutionizing how data is stored, processed, and transferred. The technology has made work practices more flexible, allowing employees the ability to work from home, holiday, or anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. This has increased output. The LaScala IT support team is ready to manage your cloud and hybrid infrastructures. The firm helps create, develop, and set up hybrid clouds that minimize hardware, software, personnel, and time required to maintain two separate systems.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The pain of having to settle hefty fines from noncompliance to business frameworks can be haunting. With LaScala IT, you assured that your organization will always be up-to-date and in full compliance with all fundamental security guidelines and requirements. This relieves you from having to struggle with compliance issues.
  • Manages IT Security Services:  LaScala IT develops and facilitates the development of extensive security plans for your organization, assuring you that your business is protected and secure 24/7.

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