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Small and mid-sized organizations are facing adversity. Managed financial IT services provide the increased agility and cybersecurity necessary to meet challenges.

IT Services For The Financial Services, Banking & Accounting Industry

The banking and financial sector has seen substantial disruption in recent years.

The challenges of enhanced regulatory scrutiny, economic shifts, and non-traditional upstarts have remade the industry. Many small and mid-sized organizations have shifted away from being grounded in products to more customer focus. Regardless of the reasons your business is feeling the strains of change, it’s essential to have reliable secure financial IT services.

LaScala IT’s team of experts delivers improved managed financial IT services you can trust.

Managed Financial IT Services Improve Cost-Efficiency

Modern financial and lending institutions have evolved beyond brick-and-mortar services. Your network should seamlessly reach customers electronically and provide profit-driving products and services. But maintaining desktops, laptops, call centers, digital banking, and real-time mobile communication must all be synchronized for your company to maximize efficiency. Putting all of your managed IT services needs under one roof allows decision-makers to focus on outreach and growth. We have a team of experienced experts that deliver the 24-7 IT monitoring top-tier your company requires.

Managed Financial IT Services Ensure Endpoint Security

Financial sector organizations have an increasing need to integrate mobile communication into their marketing and sales strategies. Smartphones, laptops, and other devices are often gateways to access valuable company data with the touch of a finger. But these endpoint devices must be shored up to prevent hackers and thieves from gaining entry to your network. As a third-party IT specialist, we deliver endpoint security compliance measures such as data encryption and access restrictions, among others.strategic planning consultations to keep your organization ready for critical next steps.

Managed Financial IT Services Improve Agility

By utilizing secure endpoints, your employees enjoy access to critical files on a need basis. Appropriate apps and network access can be provided in desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. This level of IT service also applies to remote offices and company branches. A savvy technology plan can house all of your crucial data at a centralized location that can be managed on-site and include secure access across the company. We deliver the consulting experience to implement a strategic plan and boost company-wide agility.

Managed Financial IT Services Protect Your Reputation

Financial sector organizations often compete for customers with similar lending products to their competitors. The difference-maker for many consumers comes down to reputation. As we have all seen in the media, data breaches land companies in the news. That’s why cybersecurity remains job one in the financial sector. We have the specialized knowledge and determined expertise to keep your valuable data safe and reputation intact.

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LaScala IT understands that financial industry companies are under tremendous scrutiny and face disruption challenges. We work with small and mid-sized organizations to deliver the top-tier managed IT services and 24-7 cybersecurity you deserve.

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