Benefits of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Midsize Corporations

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Midsize Corporations

Hyper-coverage infrastructure (HCI) is barely a new conversation piece at the enterprise-level of tech discussions. However, technological advances over the past two decades have changed the way we do business. Now, midsized organizations are also buzzing over attaining the same solutions as large organizations to be as competitive and productive.

But what’s so exciting about such technologies? Well, Hyper-coverage infrastructure optimizes your storage through software-defined networking services. HCI technologies integrate your existing hardware, data networks and applications into an easy-to-manage virtual interface.

What this means is that midsized organizations can take on projects that need massive data banks. This reduces the burden on IT departments and the associated costs. You suddenly have less need for complex data networks with stalks of servers and miles of cables.

Hyper-coverage infrastructure for midsized corporations can help you address even more operational challenges.

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Hyper Converged Infrastructure

What Challenges Can Hyper-Coverage Infrastructure for Midsized Corporations Fix?

All IT specialists and execs for midsized companies are familiar with one challenge. That is, your clients come to you, expecting you to handle projects that are beyond your operational scale.

How do you respond to such requests? The simple and most practical answer would be, “Sir, I think the infrastructure we have in place would crumble if took on such a massive amount of data.”

However, the shrewd businessman in you would rue the prospect of sending a lucrative engagement to a competing firm.

Here are a few situations where hyper-coverage infrastructure for midsized corporations can save your firm from such blushes:

  • Lack of Specialized IT Staff: Your IT department may have the skills needed to address minor day-to-day challenges effectively. However, large projects may present unique challenges that may require a hybrid skillset that’s unavailable in your current pool of IT talent. You can always hire a freelancer who can handle IT security, storage and virtual solutions. But, it would come at a higher price point, and you’re not guaranteed the result you desire.
  • Your Organization May Be Shorthanded: Midsized corporations usually come with a midsized staff. This works well for most projects but puts serious constraints on the available resources when working on enterprise-level projects. Sometimes, even getting your IT staff to work overtime doesn’t alleviate the pressure. You could get more hardware to handle bigger chunks of data. But, this adds further complexities to your data networks and operational infrastructure. Now, suddenly your IT staff gets distracted from their primary function as they put in an extra effort to optimize such a system. We often see this vicious cycle replayed in many midsized corporations.
  • Inflexible Budgets: Midsized corporations often lack the financial flexibility of large firms. This can present a significant challenge when they need to work on enterprise-level projects. And, you know how shaky investors and business partners get when you talk of supplementary budgets for such projects. It’s not always a matter of frugality but about keeping an eye on the ROI value of additional staff and technology. As a mid-sized corporation’s executive, you need to guarantee the stakeholders that every new acquisition needs to serve the company for years to come. That’s easier said than done. After all, who can predict the future?

How Can a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Midsize Corporations Benefit You in Such Situations?

There’s no need to despair if the challenges mentioned above feel familiar. Hyper-converged infrastructures can provide a credible solution. Such technologies offer cost-effective results for a host of tangible benefits that your organization can experience with an immediate effect.

  • Easy to Deploy: Your systems infrastructure consists of various pieces of hardware and massive tangles of cabling. Replacing or even modifying such a set up can be such a drag. Getting it to optimal operation can take your midsized IT staff weeks, which can mean grounding certain business functions. Hyper-converged infrastructures can eliminate such struggles. Best of all is you can deploy such a solution in a matter of hours. This saves your IT staff from having to work overtime on migrating existing systems architecture and data networks.
  • Intuitive Controls: Hyper-converged infrastructure combines all the hardware and virtual elements of your data network into an intuitive interface. This makes locating assets so much easier that your IT department won’t need additional training. Such solutions also automate typical network management functions, such as monitoring systems. This makes it easier to maintain optimization minus the need for additional staff.
  • Flexible Solutions for Scalability: Effectively managed midsized corporations don’t stay the same size forever. Hyper-converged infrastructure can help them challenge larger organizations by leveraging readily available In-house technologies. HCI technologies can be scaled to help midsized corporations attain organic growth. This eliminates the need to acquire more hardware as business priorities evolve.
  • Consistent Results and Guaranteed Quality: Hyper-converged infrastructure for midsized corporations enables them to cluster their networking components without the need for specialized IT teams. Such an approach also eliminates latencies occasioned by SPOF (single points of failure).
  • An Impactful Level of Support: IT techs in midsized corporations face an uphill task in dealing with vendor transparency when dealing with many suppliers. Resolving such challenges can be an exhausting finger-pointing exercise that seldom presents a workable solution. Hyper-converged infrastructure for midsized organizations can eliminate such scenarios. These solutions also make finding solutions to technical issues easier. This frees up your workforce, funds and resources and strategically positions midsized corporations to an enterprise-level of service delivery.

Experience the Benefits of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Midsized Corporations with LaScala IT

More midsized corporations are opting for HCI technologies over conventional solutions. The cost point of such solutions is not only attractive but presents a cheaper solution to scaling up network operations. It also gives you native controls for centralized systems management.

This could come in handy in cases where you need sufficient business continuity options in the face of unforeseen disasters.

LaScala IT has worked with various organizations of different sizes and industries over the past ten years. So, we are familiar with the challenges that an ineffectively managed data network and systems infrastructure can present to your organization.

Our seasoned IT teams are experienced in cost-benefit analysis, systems configuration, and all you’d need to effect a stable Hyper-converged infrastructure. Get in touch with the LaScala Support Team today and give your business the competitive advantage you desire.

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