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Information technology services are necessities in sectors such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and government. That’s why you need an expert provider.  

Business Needs Improved Information Technology Services

There is no sidestepping the fact that small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly reliant on informational technologies. From basic communication to robust productivity, technology allows the most localized mom-and-pop operation access to the global economy. But success also depends on an organization’s ability to preempt cyber-threats and utilize emerging applications and processes that deliver a competitive edge.

Managed information technology services provide the foundation necessary to succeed in the fast-paced electronic age. At LaScala IT Solutions, our team of information technology services experts delivers essential benefits.

Managed Information Technology Services in the Healthcare Sector

Informational healthcare technology has revolutionized the industry in recent years. Electronic information sharing, communication between healthcare providers, and patient access to critical data have proven to be an efficient way to save time, money, and lives. But reliance on computers, electronic data, and mobile communication also calls for experienced IT management for the following reasons.

Protect Critical Patient Information From Hackers

Ensure and Secure Communication Between Providers

Provide Employee Cybersecurity Training and Best Practices

The healthcare industry manages some of the most private and sensitive information about everyday people. Working with an information technology services professional helps your organization safeguard it.

Information Technology Services in Manufacturing

Perhaps no industry has become more intimately connected by information technology than manufacturing. Blockchain and IoT technologies equip product-makers with real-time information about materials and goods as they move through the supply process. Knowing when materials and goods arrive at designated locations has proven increasingly valuable in production. 

Manufacturing businesses are fast-discovering that working with a managed IT services expert can deliver huge benefits.

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Enhanced Cybersecurity Protections

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Companies that fail to maintain cutting-edge information technology services tend to fall behind competitors in the global marketplace.

Information Technology Services in Finance

The financial sector remains a primary target for cybercriminals, and we have all seen the splashy headlines about multimillion-dollar breaches. The last thing any small or mid-sized finance company wants is to be the victim of a cyberattack. It’s essential for finance-sector organizations to operate safely, smoothly, and outsourcing your IT needs delivers amazing benefits.

Improved IT Efficiency

Improved Protection Against Cybersecurity Incursions

Improved Agility
and IT Flexibility

Company-Wide Productivity

Financial operations also face challenges with endpoint security. We provide in-depth support and oversight to secure mobile devices and ensure your team gets the training they need to detect potential cybersecurity threats.

Information Technology Services in DoD/Government

Whether you are an independent contractor or part of a government agency, IT support remains crucial. Regulatory compliance and security are vital aspects of doing business. It’s not uncommon for both private and public sector operations to require short- and long-term managed IT services support. 

There are enhanced benefits our team of experienced professionals provides.

Strategic IT Consulting Services


Ongoing Cybersecurity Protection

Compliance Management

While public and private sector professionals may have different tasks, each requires enhanced security and efficiency.

Work with an Information Technology Services Expert

LaScala IT works with small and mid-sized organizations to deliver the proven benefits you deserve.

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