Managed IT Security

Hackers continue to steal billions from honest businesses. It’s crucial that small and mid-sized organizations work with a managed IT security professional.

Does Your Business Need Managed IT Security?

If you are a business leader concerned about protecting your business from a potential break-in or theft, ask yourself the following question. Would my assets be better protected by posting an armed guard 24-7, or hiring the managed IT security expert?

Recent data indicates that physical burglary in the U.S. has steadily declined since 2008 and is expected to see a nearly 50-percent decrease in the coming years. Cybercrime, on the other hand, continues to increase. In 2018, the FBI reportedly received upwards of 900 cybercrime complaints each day, and cyber intrusions have escalated each year. The most prevalent schemes are extortion and data breaches. Although many high-level cyberattacks go unreported, victims suffered losses of more than $2.7 billion annually. This is what decision-makers need to know about managed IT security.

Cybercrime Complaints


Victims Suffered Losses


What Are Managed IT Security Services?

Managed IT services tend to be more cost-effective than hiring a designated employee to carry out cybersecurity protocols. Outsourcing reduces business expenses such as high salaries, healthcare benefits, and third-party providers maintain system integrity 24-7 with zero days off or vacations.

As a third-party IT services provider, our team of experienced cybersecurity experts provides critical oversight and monitoring of business networks and technology. These services can be conducted in-house or remotely, depending on the needs of small and mid-sized companies. It’s common to implement a strategy that employs elements of both.

What Managed IT Security Can do for You?

As the hard numbers published by the FBI and other agencies prove, hackers continue to penetrate systems and pilfer off valuable data and hold companies hostage. Cybercrimes continue to increase despite the fact businesses, and the general public is fully aware that threats exist. And contrary to popular belief, hackers do not exclusively target large corporations like those you see in the splashy headlines. In reality, hackers steal more wealth targeting small and mid-sized organizations because their defenses are inadequate.

Online break-in schemes are hatched using many of the same ideas as physical burglaries. Your network’s windows and doors can be pried open and valuable files carted off without your knowledge. These are protections your business could enjoy by working with a managed IT security specialist.

Dedicated Expertise for Total Systems Oversight

Latest Managed Firewall Defenses

Threat Detection and Monitoring

Vulnerability Scanning and Assessments

Vulnerability Scanning and Assessments

Improved Network and Employee Security Protocols

When cyberattacks occur, they happen fast and without warning. Securing your valuable data and maintaining operational integrity requires steadfast, 24-7 cybersecurity expertise to protect against emerging threats before they strike.

Work With A Managed IT Security Expert You Can Trust

At LaScala IT, our experienced managed IT security team provides determined protection against cyber intrusions. If you are a business leader who wants the best possible protection, it’s essential to take proactive measures. Contact one of our customer service professionals and
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