Managed Security

Your cybersecurity shouldn’t be an afterthought – in order to stay secure, you need comprehensive, strategic and fully managed IT security services.

Is Your IT Security Being Managed Properly?

It’s possible that, if you’ve invested in the right technologies, and have the right skill set, you could handle cybersecurity for your business all on your own.

You could oversee your own installations, management, maintenance, and everything else that comes with operating a secure and robust business IT environment.

But that’s a big “if”.

When it comes to protecting against the ongoing, evolving cybersecurity threats in play today, managing cybersecurity is, understandably, a tall order.

Managed IT Security

Cybercrime Complaints


Victims Suffered Losses


That’s why it usually doesn’t work – after all, according to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report:

  • 28% of all breaches involved small businesses in 2020
  • Ransomware now accounts for 27% of all Malware incidents
  • Employees working from home are particularly vulnerable

Enlist The LaScala Team To Manage Your Cybersecurity

The good news is that you don’t have to handle cybersecurity on your own – you can choose managed IT security services from LaScala.

Our managed IT security service fully manages your cybersecurity defense, keeping an eye out for threats, as well as providing the expert team needed to address them when they occur.

The many features of our managed IT security service include:

  1. Cybersecurity assessments
  2. Cyber operation center
  3. Managed IT security
  4. Penetration testing
  5. Compliance management
  6. Firewall management
  7. Endpoint protection
  8. Cybersecurity training

Don’t put your business at risk with ad-hoc, under-supported cybersecurity solutions and processes. LaScala will holistically manage your business cybersecurity and keep your information safe.

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