Is Your Manufacturing Company Safe Against Cybercrime?

A successful cybercrime attack could result in the shut-down of your plant’s operations, or worse, faulty products being produced without your knowledge…

Protecting Your Manufacturing Company Against Cybercrime

Research has shown that manufacturing firms were among the 8 most attacked sectors in the world in 2019. Sure, you’re struggling with the typical concerns, such as loss and/or theft of intellectual property, but you’re also at risk for an attack that results in the shut-down of plant operations, or worse, faulty products produced before their caught the infection. So why are manufacturing firms such a target for hackers nowadays?

Take a look at a few reasons…

  1. More digitization in the workplace: It’s no secret: Manufacturing firms are leveraging digital technologies more than ever before, including robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. This means introducing more entry points for hackers to crack.
  2. Greater value in intellectual property: Unfortunately, the intellectual property manufacturers create and store is incredibly lucrative for cybercriminals. If they can steal and sell research and development information to your competitors, they’re bound to make a quick and lucrative buck.
  3. Less advanced security measures: A lot of manufacturers are steering clear of investing heavily into security measures. Why? Because they don’t want to interrupt their manufacturing systems with other technologies, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention software, etc.

Cybercriminals Often Hide on the Manufacturing Firm’s Network to Gather as Much Intellectual Property as Possible – Evading Detection for Long Periods of Time.

Manufacturers must take cybersecurity into consideration in their overall environment, no matter what. LaScala specializes in working with manufacturers like yours – helping analyze the environment to determine its cyber posture and develop a remediation plan . We know that many industrial control and SCADA systems have widely varying standards, which means they need to be reviewed to identify any potential vulnerabilities. The last thing you need is a cybercriminal lurking on your network, and unfortunately, you won’t know until it’s too late – unless you have a good technology partner to help you out. It is known, that a cybercriminal will likely not be detected on a network for and average of 203 days without proper monitoring and detection systems in place. LaScala has invested heavily in the proper tools, resources and standards to effectively plan, manage and remediate your situation. Unfortunately, many companies wait too long forcing LaScala’s engagement to begin at the remediation stage instead of mitigating the risk before it happens.

LaScala’s team of manufacturing IT services experts can:

  • Perform thorough cybersecurity assessments to identify any potential vulnerabilities and/or breaches on the network.
  • Prioritize and deploy defenses to keep all entry points safe against a range of dangerous threats.
  • Review any and all protocols in terms of how trade secrets are stored, processed, and communicated to minimize risks.
  • Train employees on cybersecurity best practices so they’re prepared to face any sort of incident.

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Greg LaScala