5 Immediate Benefits of Moving From MPLS to SD-WAN

Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN can offer many benefits. Would you like to discover these benefits? Discover five immediate benefits your organization can enjoy by moving from MPLS to SD-WAN.

5 Immediate Benefits of Moving From MPLS to SD-WAN

Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN can offer many benefits. Would you like to discover these benefits? Discover five immediate benefits your organization can enjoy by moving from MPLS to SD-WAN.

Are you contemplating a shift from MPLS to SD-WAN?

Statistics show the SD-WAN market in North America will attain revenue of about $2.7 billion in 2022. A significant portion of the market size will be organizations that replaced their MPLS with SD-WAN.

  • Why are organizations switching from MPLS to SD-WAN?
  • Do you understand the reasons for the switch?

Organizations move to SD-WAN to get an agile, robust, and resilient network that helps them enjoy various benefits.

Clients often ask LaScala IT what the immediate benefits of moving from MPLS to SD-WAN are. LaScala IT matches organizations with IT companies that offer the IT solutions they need. This article will help you discover five immediate benefits of moving from MPLS to SD-WAN.

5 Immediate Benefits of Moving From MPLS to SD-WAN

Top 5 Immediate Benefits of Switching From MPLS to SD-WAN

Why should you switch from MPLS to SD-WAN?

Switch to enjoy these benefits.

SD-WAN Provides End-To-End Visibility of Your Network

Knowing how well your services are performing can be a challenge with MPLS. MPLS infrastructure does not deliver deep, actionable insight. This knowledge gap challenges your IT team when they optimize their environments.

For example, router setups and firewalls with legacy WAN implementations provide little to no information on the traffic they route and are difficult to parse.

SD-WAN offers a portal that you can use to get the performance measures for each location. You can view latency and jitter from one place. Use this feedback to optimize your network’s capacity.

SD-WAN Delivers Better Performance and Scalability

Traditional network architectures, such as MPLS, can be difficult and expensive to build and maintain. They may not be ideal solutions for some innovations, such as cloud computing.

SD-WANs offer reliable, cost-effective, scalable, and fast alternatives to MPLS architectures. They can provide and sustain a more robust service quality, enabling organizations to enjoy better application performance than MPLS infrastructure can deliver.

The SD-WAN architecture directs apps over the connection with the best performance when you access the app. This path results in a better end-user experience and higher productivity.

Enjoy Increased Agility and Simplified Network Policy Design and Maintenance

MPLS architectures are challenging and slow to expand. They require a substantial configuration, meaning your organization must maintain a mix of routers, firewalls, optimizers, and WAN path controllers to support its site-to-site connectivity.

An SD-WAN architecture enables organizations to streamline the tech using a software management portal that you can scale and manage. Organizations handle fewer management and maintenance tasks, as they have one system to oversee that combines many legacy systems’ capabilities. The SD-WAN setup can also use cloud configuration to do automatic configuration, including downloading cryptographic certificates, policy, keys, and traffic pattern mapping automation.

An SD-WAN architecture does not need on-site technical support and manual configurations that an MPLS infrastructure needs. You can manage it from a central location using a GUI. Your organization can support innovations like VoIP automatically — no need for extensive manual configuration or on-site support.

SD-WAN Offers Many Failover Links to Support Essential Needs

Some MPLS architectures can have network issues that affect your connections. They may depend on a single MPLS or IP tunnel, meaning your operations may suffer if your link experiences problems.

SD-WAN’s setup allows for resiliency and flexibility for distributed architectures. They route traffic intelligently. The SD-WAN routes traffic to other connections if one fails.

You can have many internet connections supporting each location, and the architecture routes between them if one fails. This capability is crucial for organizations migrating to the cloud, as it provides reliability and backup connectivity to essential cloud programs if one connection has issues.

SD-WAN Can Add More Layers of Security To WAN Architectures

MPLS can pose threats to your network’s security. It lacks built-in data protection, and its misconfiguration can expose your systems to external attackers. Centralized security policy management can be difficult with MPLS because of the complexity of more extensive MPLS infrastructure.

SD-WAN can help you add layers to your architecture’s security. You may partner with an MSSP to secure your network. SD-WANs enable you to add some core security features.

  • Threat Monitoring and Response: You can get dedicated full-time event triage and event handling built on SD-WAN’s monitoring solutions.
  • Security Infrastructure Management: It includes monitoring for SIEM (security information and event management), intrusion defense and prevention, firewall, and universal threat managers that you can have on SD-WAN gateways.
  • Vulnerability Lifecycle Management: The MSSP can offer proactive architecture scanning and analysis to provide vulnerability management, including remediation and assessment of findings.

SD-WAN can help your organization eliminate security vulnerabilities without taking a lot of resources. The bundled SD-WAN security approach via an MSSP enables your organization to get tailored solutions that protect your infrastructure. It is easy to enjoy MSSP’s security offerings with SD-WAN.

How LaScala IT Can Help You Enjoy an SD-WAN Infrastructure

Organizations are moving from MPLS to have an agile, robust, and resilient network that helps them achieve their objectives. LaScala IT can connect you with an SD-WAN vendor that offers the solutions you need. We have extensive contacts with IT companies. We will use our expertise and relationships to link you with an SD-WAN vendor that provides the services you need to succeed.

LaScala IT provides IT solutions to organizations. We have an extensive network and expertise that we leverage to link our clients with vendors that offer the services they need.

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