Need An Outsourced IT Company? Top Reasons Why That’s A Great Idea

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Thinking About Hiring An Outsourced IT Company?  Good Choice…Here’s Why.

Is your business technology working for you or against you? Technology should be transformational, helping employees connect and collaborate, customers to engage and get questions answered, and remote staff access much-needed information.

However, often, business technology means extra burdens, cumbersome processes and procedures, inefficient software and hardware, and disruptions caused by breakdowns, slow networks, and cyberattacks.

An outsourced IT department solves your most pressing technology issues. With outsourced IT, you can reduce costs, drive efficiency, and keep employees connected and productive.

Outsourced IT Department

How Does An Outsourced IT Company Enhance Your In-House Department?

Your in-house IT staff likely needs to focus on multiple tasks, including hardware and software maintenance, database management, mobile device management, help-desk support, and password management. They are too busy putting out fires to have enough bandwidth to tackle more significant, more essential technology projects. What’s more, your staff may not have enough technical expertise to manage all tasks necessary to keep your business running efficiently.

Outsourced IT enhances your internal staff resources, with technical expertise across technology areas. Outsourced IT companies also stay ahead of new technologies and can guide your staff on future solutions, investments, and strategies. With outsourced IT, your business also reduces your ongoing salary, wage, and benefits expenses while freeing up internal teams for other tasks.

How Does an Outsourced IT Company Reduce Costs?

You want predictability when it comes to your technology budget. With outsourced IT, you pay a predictable monthly rate for services designed exclusively for your business. With customized IT solutions, you only pay for the services you need. You also reduce, and in some cases can eliminate, the costs of hosting technology on-site, including space, maintenance, and utility expenses.

Can Outsourced IT Improve Productivity?

Consider what happens when your technology isn’t working. Employees sit idle, unable to work while waiting for fixes. With outsourced help-desk services, most software, hardware, and network issues can be resolved remotely, with rapid responses from trained professionals.

Technology assessments identify inefficiencies in your network configurations, workflows, and processes. Outsourced IT professionals can conduct these assessments and use them to recommend solutions for more efficient workplaces.

Can an Outsourced IT Company Help with Digital Transformation?

Technology changes in the blink of an eye today. You need capable, well-informed partners with knowledge of emerging technology trends. A trusted technology advisor provides your business with insights, recommendations, and information to help you plan and budget for future technical needs.

Cloud computing and storage have become increasingly popular solutions for companies wanting to collect, store, and use data. With cloud solutions, your business can house data and applications virtually. Your team can access information from anywhere at any time using any device. You can extract data quickly and use it to make smarter decisions in real-time.

Using outsourced IT also helps your business scale rapidly. As your resource needs evolve, cloud technologies allow for fast expansion without waiting for additional servers to be installed and configured.

Does An Outsourced IT Company Address cybersecurity Needs?

Your business needs to keep your data and systems protected. It’s why your technology needs a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity to keep hackers at bay. Cybersecurity solutions allow your company to:

  • Monitor networks with next-generation firewalls to protect from unwanted intrusions
  • Anti-phishing, anti-malware and anti-spam software to protect users from attacks over email
  • Password and access control management
  • Mobile device management
  • Cybersecurity assessments and penetration testing to determine vulnerabilities
  • Employee education to teach workers how to identify threats and protect your company.
  • Compliance management to ensure your business adheres to regulatory mandates.

LaScala IT provides outsourced IT solutions designed to solve business and organizational challenges. Contact us to learn more about our managed IT services, cybersecurity, and strategic IT consulting services.

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