Outsourced IT Department

When adding up the cost benefits of an outsourced IT department, there’s little doubt that businesses cost-effectively gain improved managed services.

3 Reasons an Outsourced IT Department is Cost-Effective

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are tasked with considering the best way to enjoy top-level IT maintenance and care at the lowest possible cost.

This involves a balancing act between necessary managed IT services and improving the outfit’s bottom line. Many thought leaders have shifted away from the idea of taking on the responsibility of an in-house team in favor of an outsourced IT department. The change in business philosophy has proven to be both successful and cost-effective. These are three of the reasons why.

Improved Core Business Focus

One of the peripheral issues that CEOs and supervisors often fail to consider when hiring an in-house IT staff is that they will require oversight. People responsible for employee management too often find themselves immersed in resolving staff issues instead of focusing on improving efficiency and profits. An IT support team is no different in terms of allotting supervisory hours and oversight. What may compound the fact that your attention is being diverted away from other profit-driving practices is that it’s a niche sector you may know little about. That means taking additional work getting educated about technology when it may not be the focus of your operation. It makes more sense to maintain a laser focus on business goal achievement.

An Outsourced IT Department Costs Less

There is simply no way to interpret the hard numbers and demonstrate a way that hiring people to oversee your critical network is more cost-effective than contracting with a third-party expert. Full- and part-time employees generally earn a higher salary than an independent contractor would charge. The operation will also be burdened with payroll taxes, administration costs, healthcare expenses, and being short-staffed when people take a vacation or call out sick. On top of paying more to have in-house IT personnel, you are likely to be on the hook for ongoing education and training. By outsourcing, your operation defers all of those expenses into an agreed-upon monthly and annual cost. In return, you gain 24-7 expert support. That’s quite a bargain.

An Outsourced IT Department
Reduces Risk of Loss from Cybersecurity Breaches

When a small or mid-sized organization moves to an outsourced IT department, your third-party provider brings a wealth of information and experience to the table. That means knowing the latest cybersecurity threats and proactively taking the necessary steps to deter hackers from seizing control of your network or stealing sensitive data. The cost of a cyberattack can far outweigh the reduced price you are paying to have experts deliver enhanced security each and every day. Simply put: Your business is safer working with an experienced third-party managed IT services provider.

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