Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your IT Department

Considering outsourcing your IT department? Find out the benefits and advantage to outsourcing versus hiring your own internal IT staff.

Outsourced IT Department Solutions By LaScala IT

Business leaders need to offer the best solutions for their enterprises. One dilemma they may have is whether to outsource a part of or the entire IT department. They need to make the right decision to ensure their business leverages the best setup to achieve its objectives.

LaScala IT Solutions believes you should decide to have an outsourced IT department based on facts. Here are the reasons you should outsource IT department services.

Outsourcing Your IT Department

1. Get to Enjoy More Resources

You need to use scarce resources for your business strategically. Take opportunities to free some of them. Use the extra funds for other areas that may need them. Outsourcing the IT department is one way to free resources. It enables you to avoid installing sophisticated IT infrastructure with servers, storage, networks, and security. This setup is often expensive. Outsourcing the IT department changes fixed IT costs to variable expenses, giving your budget flexibility.

You will only pay for what you use, and you avoid substantial fees of running and maintaining the setup.

2. Concentrate on Your Core Business

Businesses have critical areas that contribute a substantial portion of their revenue. You need to ensure that the entity focuses on these activities. Failing to give them adequate focus can affect the firm’s success.

Outsourcing the IT department enables the company to concentrate on its core activities while getting support for secondary functions. The company you partner with will work on your IT services. Their contribution gives you more freedom to focus on your primary activities.

3. Be More Efficient and Competitive

Today’s business environments are more diverse and competitive than ever. Establishing a competitive advantage is one of the highest goals of any business. You need to find strategic ways to ensure your company competes successfully. Business competitors are after the same resources. You need to use the resources you get efficiently. Outsourcing the IT department enables you to be more competitive and efficient.

The firm offering services specializes in offering IT services. It will often use the best technology and keep up with trends. Your firm will get a modern IT infrastructure from them and use it to gain a competitive edge. Outsourcing IT services support will also free your internal resources for critical areas. You can optimize these core activities.

4. Recruiting and Training IT Staff Is Time-Consuming and Expensive

An IT staff earns $45,000–$85,000 in a year. This wage is significant for a firm with many employees. Supporting the IT department in-house will be expensive. Hiring them will also take a lot of time and involve hefty perks.

Outsourcing the IT department saves you 30–70 percent of your labor expenditure. The company offering IT services will bring you qualified personnel at a fraction of the cost. You will also save the time you spend hiring different IT staff.

5. Reduced Downtime

An IT problem could trouble your in-house staff. You will watch them spend a lot of time trying to solve it. Their ineptitude may disturb your operations. Outsourcing your IT department allows you to deal with challenges quickly. Workers from the IT company deal with several issues with their other clients. They will spot potential difficulty or find quick solutions for your company’s IT troubles. This benefit of an outsourced IT department reduces downtimes caused by IT issues.

6. Increased Employee Wellbeing and Morale

Issues with your IT infrastructure may affect morale. Employees may be anxious, as this occurrence may affect their productivity and their position in the firm. These concerns are avoidable for your firm. An outsourced IT department enables your employees to have morale and be in good shape. Challenges to the IT infrastructure will worry them less than when they are responsible for your IT. They can concentrate on their duties, which improves their productivity.

The IT support firm will also want to address the issue quickly. Their urgency boosts morale for your staff as they know systems will be available to help them meet their targets.

7. Increased Security

Company and client data are sensitive information. The firm needs to ensure they protect it. Failing to secure the details puts the firm’s image and operations in jeopardy. Statistics show that about 60 percent of the companies that suffer a significant cyberattack go out of business. Adequate and up-to-date cybersecurity can ensure you remain operational. Outsourcing your IT department can reduce your vulnerability to cyberattacks.

The firm that offers IT support is likely to be up-to-date with threats you may face and have measures to safeguard your operations. Since they have many clients, investing in state-of-the-art security is more viable for them. Your company will enjoy their investments, meaning you will be safer from cyberattacks.

8. Reduced Risks

Your business faces many challenges and risks in its day to day operations. Core activities have a risk appetite — the level of risk exposure you will accept to meet your objectives. IT is one area you can transfer the hazard without significant effects on your operations.

If you outsource your IT department, the company offering IT support bears the risks involved. They will be responsible for hazards, such as changes in law outlawing various infrastructure and losses caused by advancements in technology. The company is likely to take measures to ensure continuity and mitigate losses. Your business will be safe from these hazards.

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