Meet LaScala IT, Your Top Cyber Security Provider

Learn how LaScala IT focuses on client needs to identify customized, scalable technology solutions that deliver business results to fuel growth.

LaScala IT Offers Custom IT Solutions to Businesses in Four States

Your company has a choice.

Businesses have options in today’s hypercompetitive business climate.The partners they choose can make a major difference when it comes to business outcomes.

That’s why so many medium-sized and enterprise businesses choose LaScala IT as their tech security company.

A Focus on Service and Problem-Solving

LaScala IT was founded in 2010 with a mission: Help medium-sized and enterprise businesses solve their most pressing challenges with innovative technological solutions. We focus on keeping company data, systems, devices, and people protected, so our clients can focus on their core business needs.

Problem-solving means partnering with some of the world’s top technology companies to provide our clients with leading-edge solutions. Our expert teams of engineers, technicians and strategists help make sure your technology issues — large or small — are solved quickly.

LaScala IT is proud to be a veteran-owned company.

We remove the fears and complexities of technology that can hold companies back. Instead, we help introduce technologies that solve some of the most critical business needs. With LaScala IT as your strategic IT partner, your company will:

  • Provide better collaboration among employees, supply chain partners and customers, both while working onsite or in remote locations
  • Gain access to leading technology solutions that give you a decided competitive advantage
  • Reduce costs through lower IT overhead, including space for datacenters, cooling and power costs and maintenance expenses and staff
  • Have more efficient operations
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches or cyberattacks

“We work to enhance their impact through our expertise and commitment to service. With effective execution and applied knowledge of IT, LaScala IT enriches lives within the business ecosystem and empowers us to give back to our communities.”

Where Does LaScala IT Provide Services?

LaScala IT is located in Southeast Michigan. That gives us an ideal central hub from which to address your critical IT needs. Our service area stretches across many states and includes a 400-mile radius as outlined below:

Gregory LaScala – President & CEO

Gregory LaScala is an accomplished information technology and security professional with over twenty years of practice experience. He’s worked in Corporate America for over twenty years in roles such as Senior Systems Engineer, Solutions Architect, IT Project Manager, Business Analyst, and various senior management roles. Mr. LaScala has exposure and expertise in many industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and finance.

He founded LaScala IT with a vision: Provide customized, scalable and service-focused solutions to companies throughout the United States. LaScala IT, like its founder, uses data-driven insights to develop practical strategies that produce results. That vision has remained consistent in the decade since, as LaScala continues to make an impact on our clients’ business outcomes.

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